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Mac seems like a wonderful option if you’re tired of dealing with PC virus. There are still Mac virus’ and spyware outlined in numerous articles on the web. Although its not as prevalent, the threat still lurks in the back ground.

Having the proper protection is key, which includes having  multiple shells of protection. These need to be implemented from the beginning so that you can have a better chance of protecting yourself. No system, Mac or PC, or even linux is 100% secure.

If i were to purchase a computer, depending on the needs you just listed.

  • Browse the Internet
  • Email
  • Type

i would look at something like this

For $199 with free shipping and windows xp, this is the best deal I have seen. I had a client yesterday who was in the same shoes as you were, and they chose to order this item.

I base this on the website, which takes a combination of all the best reviews. I also base this on what 90% of what people use a pc for Internet Browsing, Email and word processing.

I’m getting ready to replace the computer in my den, and I’m thinking of getting a Mac.  I guess I’m just getting tired of all the viruses and crashes we’ve been having in this house.  In the last year, 5 of our computers have crashed, including 2 laptops, and even though the Mac’s more expensive, I’ve heard from many people that you don’t have to worry nearly as much about viruses and crashes with them…true?

I personally have never encountered a Mac that has a virus or spyware so if you are tired of dealing with Ad ware and Spyware, A mac might be a valid choice enough to go ahead and purchase one. Having the proper protection is key, although I have had multiple layers of security, and my computer still gets infected from time to time.

Advantage: MAC

Also, if I put a Mac in my den, will that affect the other computers in the house in any way?

In the past, this was a Huge Concernation as Mac’s and Pc’s didn’t play nicely together. Such tasks as sharing printers, files, and other media was a nightmare and a frusterating experience. All that has changed, as I have set up networks with both PC and mac playing nicely together.

Advantage: EVEN

Can you think of a reason why I should get a PC over a Mac, if all I’m going to do is browse the Internet, do email, and type in my den?

Time and Money. You will be spending more on a Mac when all is said and done. Period. This includes more money out of your pocket as well as your personal time learning something new. Some people like me enjoy learning new things and love to help others learn as well. Others like to stick to what the know and shy away from anything new. The Quality of the Mac Interface blows windows out of the water, as it’s clear windows vista is an exact copy of MAC os X. There is no comparison with the beautiful interface, design and ease of use. The choice is yours. While I feel that learning the Mac is an extremely easy process, the best advice is coming from someone who already has one. He said “Forget everything you ever knew about a computer.” I think someone who has never touched a PC would have an easier time learning the Mac then someone who is a Pro at Windows because they would naturally want to do this the windows way. the same arguement could be made with a first time windows user, but using a mac just makes sense.

Cost PC Advantage

Quality Mac Advantage


PC over a Mac, if all I’m going to do is browse the Internet, do email, and type in my den?
This can be accomplished by both, it’s just your choice how you want to proceed. For me, spending 199 on a pc that can handle all of the makes sense.

Some people are tired of dealing with windows virus and spyware, and the mac offers an escape. If you’re not aware, you can easily install windows xp on a mac and it will allow you to have both worlds at your fingertips.

I’ve also heard the Macs have terrific movie editing software, which I’d like to use.  What do you think?

Depends on how you look at it

The which-is-better debate has been raging for years. Here’s our take on using those two different platforms for video editing:

The Mac Experience
  • you’ll be seen as cool, as different, as a creative/media type, or as someone who’s too thick to get to grips with Windows 😉
  • the unit will be visually appealing. Apple cases are well designed and match the monitors and other peripherals
  • you are probably less at risk from viruses each time you go on the internet. Virus writers tend to concentrate their limited attention span on creating viruses for Windows based machines
  • Apple has some good software including iMovie, iDVD and iTunes
  • you’ll have to put up with the silly names like iMovie, iDVD & iTunes
  • There’s only one butt to kick if your system doesn’t work. No getting fobbed off by the software manufacturer saying the thingymijg is not compatible with the widgetiwoo and that the third party supplied whatyamaycallit is screwing up the operating system registry
  • downside to the one-butt-to-kick principle is that if the one butt is not around you’ll have no butt to kick. That is an inherent weakness in all proprietary solutions – what happens if the company ever goes bust?
  • you can use Final Cut Pro (only available on a Mac)
The PC Experience
  • kick-ass speed, kick-ass speed, kick-ass speed. The top PC always beats the top Mac.
  • new developments – from dual processor operation to 64 bit computing – come out on the PC first
  • better value, wider choice of components, easy upgrade paths
  • the huge market share of the PC makes it something that WILL be around for a long time to come.
  • a lot of the best video editing products are available for the PC only
  • availability of lots of resources from advice, tips, support forums, and manuals to training videos, help, and online discussion groups mean that the PC user is quite spoilt really
  • there’s a phenomenal range of software available for PC users from a wide range of video editing software to special effects applications, format conversion programs and a range of other suites and utilities
  • competition is good. It means that component prices from CPUs to video editing cards are being constantly improved and becoming more affordable
  • once you get to grips with the interface, the menu system, right-clicking with the mouse, and shortcut keys you’ll find that you can navigate quite adeptly around any Windows application

A little known secret though is that windows xp has Windows Movie Maker.

This is taken from the wikipedia site

Windows Movie Maker is a basic video creating/editing software included in Microsoft Windows. It contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. Windows Movie Maker is also a basic audio track editing program. It can apply basic effects to audio tracks such as fade in or fade out. The audio tracks can then be exported in the form of a sound file instead of a video file.

You can download it here

Its an entry level to Movie Making so if your looking for something more powerful, there are other third party options.

The Terrific movie editing software is most likely Final Cut Pro.

You can learn more about it here


All in all, It comes down to what is most important to you

Time, Cost, or Quality.

As we reviewed above the Time is on equal ground.

Cost comes down to how much you want to spend. You can easily spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a computer whether it be a pc or a mac.

From my experience, I buy a low end PC, and upgrade parts when I need them because technology changes so fast.

Theres no sense in buying the best thing out there and having it go obsolete a few years later.

From what you have told me, Quality seems to matter most, as you are tired of dealing with virus and malware.

Mac offers the escape and with the added bonus of being able to load windows xp onto it. It comes to be a win win situation.

The choice is yours.


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