Dial My Number on Google Voice

Google Apps, Google Voice Mar 15, 2011 Comments Off on Dial My Number on Google Voice

In today’s world of customer relationships, constant communication is key. But how do you stay connected when you are at the office, on your cell phone or at home? If someone calls you at one of these places, and leaves a voice mail, there is a chance it will not reach us when we need to receive that important phone call. Thankfully, there is a free option provided by Google, called Google Voice.

Google addresses the need for constant communication by adding yet another number that links them all together. Think of them as your automatic switchboard keeping a constant connection with you and your clients. Google Voice redirects all incoming calls into one phone number to rule them all. This is the Lord of the Rings of Phone Numbers. Gandalf would be proud.

Plenty of numbers are available with a large selection of area codes reserved for Google. Just think when someone calls your Google Voice number, all phones with ring depending on whatever phone numbers are linked to it. If you don’t have the chance to respond to the call, the client can leave a message which is converted to plain text and stored in your email inbox, along with their original voice mail.

If you are not using Google Voice, and you have multiple lines that need to be connected, get it. The value that Google Voice offers and great service are essential to the success of staying connected with your clients.

The following are just a list of the many features that come with Google Voice






On our Contact US page,  our clients  call us to get a resolution. Instead of having to play a guessing game of where we could be, whether we are in a server room, away from his desk, or on the go, meeting with clients, Klinetech can ensure you stay connected.

You simply click on our  Google Voice button, featured on this website, enter your phone number, and Google voice calls you. This way, we offer the best level of customer service by assuring you that help is just a phone call away.

To get an inside look on more things you can do with Google Voice, please go here. This website shows you the results of using Google Voice through short videos and the option to try it out. Trying out this service will yield many more smiles knowing that you can increase your response rate all while keeping your client happy.


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