About Us

What makes Klinetech a unique full service provider of a wide range of computer solutions and services?

Our customers hire us to make certain their computer systems remain up and running so that they can concentrate of doing whatever they do best.

We save our customers as much as $1 million a year in lost orders that might have resulted from lost orders during a computer outage.

Unlike other IT maintenance firms, we locate and eliminate problems BEFORE they occur, rather than when it’s too late.

If your organization requires IT consulting, it will have no lack of consultants. Discovering the correct consultant, however, is where the IT journey can prove challenging. As with any trade, managed IT services has its collection of swindlers and business’ that would create a huge profit at the risk of providing sub-par service. How do you sidestep these outfits? The vital factor is to understand what to look for in a consultant’s behavior and demonstration.

People seem to believe that they can identify a dishonest salesperson. But when you have an IT knowledge deficit, identifying less than trustworthy consultants can be problematic. Below, we list five reasons why Klinetech, LLC is your choice for IT Consulting.

1. We Don’t Offer Progressively Cheaper Solutions

If you’ve concluded that a consultant’s answer is too costly, they should either offer the solution with more value or give you time to revisit your conclusion, not offer progressively less expensive solutions until one covers your expenses. Some business’ believe that a sales hungry consultant keeps endorsing the identical answer, even with its high price, but the contrary is often true. Remember, if the price keeps going down, the person is attempting to meet your budget, not solve your problems.

2. We Will Not Propose a Solution Outright

Some consultants propose a solution before they even inspect your issue, a situation where the consultant’s “prowess” shows strongly. Yet, just as your company wouldn’t suggest a solution within its area of expertise without first implementing problem analysis, neither would a credible information technology business. Even though the consultant could suggest the correct resolution without inspecting your issue, why risk your company’s money?

3. We Won’t Immediately Offer a Sales Presentation

A consultant that shortly provides you with a sales presentation most likely hasn’t taken time to examine your needs and problems-much less your choice of presentation style-in depth. Either that, or it perceives you as a non-major account and handles you as such. If a sales presentation emerges as one of the primary tasks and not one of the final tasks in your relationship with a consultant, it’s probably best to find a new consultant.

4. We Listen Better Than We Talk

Almost all consultants talk more than they listen, however, many of these consultants also talk better than they listen. If you sense that you’ve voiced your questions and concerns directly and that they still aren’t being addressed, it’s most likely time to seek better ears.

5. We Offer Results Tracking

If you’re executing a new solution, it should possess a results tracking timeline proposed by the company that provides it, with a contingency if it doesn’t operate at an agreeable benchmark. If you’re spending the money it takes to advance your company, there needs to exist guarantee in place that a solution will offer the results discussed in the contract.

We invite you personally to contact us so that we can help you with all your IT needs.